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What is Gephex?

Gephex is a modular video jockey software. The base visuals can be chosen from sources like video files or cameras. Then they can be modified by filters and mixers. Each modifier has several parameters, that can be controlled by signal-generators, input devices like joysticks, sound cards, or midi-devices.

Gephex runs on GNU/Linux, Win32, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. The effect engine is independent from the user interface, which can be de- and attached at runtime. All effects and media streams are extendible by plugins. Gephex is written in C++.


Gephex 0.4.4 Released
posted by georg
On April 30 2007, the gephex project released a new version of the stable branch. The most important changes since the 0.4.3:
  • improved GUI (using Qt 4.x)
  • improved Mac OS X support
  • new midi modules
  • frei0r 1.1 support
Gephex 0.4.3 Released
posted by martin
On June 6th 2005, the gephex project released a new version of the stable branch. The most important changes since the 0.4.2:
  • support for Mac OS X (experimental)
  • initial OSC support (experimental)
  • ports of almost all effecTV effects
  • some usability improvements
  • some documentation improvements
  • fixed bugs #78, #79, #80, #81, #82, #83, #84, #85, #86, #87, #88, #89, #90, #92 #96, #97, #100, #102, #103, #112, #113, #114, #115, #116, #117, #123, #125, #126, #137
#gephex @
posted by martin
There is now a channel #gephex in the freenode irc network. This channel is intended for chatting about all issues related to gephex.
Gephex 0.4.2 Released
posted by Martin
On January 26th 2005, the Gephex Project released a minor feature enhancement release of the 0.4 branch.
Frei0r builds for Win32
posted by martin
Thanks to Pierre there are prebuild win32 binaries of some frei0r plugins available: brightness, bw0r, contrast0r, delay0r, distort0r, flippo, invert0r, nois0r, onecol0r, saturat0r, scanline0r.
The plugins are located here.
posted by georg
frei0r, a minimalistic video effect API, has been released recently. We are currently porting most of our filters to this new API.
This might be interesting for people that have thought about writing effects for gephex but who were put off by our rather complex internal API.
gephex-0.4.1 does not support frei0r effects, but gephex-0.4.2, which will be released soon, will support it (for the impatient: it is already in our arch repository).
Interesting open source application
posted by georg
We were contacted by one of the authors of drone recently. Looks really interesting. They have a similar concept and the GUI looks very promising.
Gephex 0.4.1 Released
posted by georg
On October 29th 2004, the Gephex Project released a maintainance and bug-fix release of the 0.4 branch.
Live performance at the Brasília Music Festival
posted by mascht
Gephex was used by VJ#13 and VJ pixel for a big live performance at the Brasilia Music Festival. Read more on this.
new links and features
posted by georg
Just updated the links and added a feature page.
We now link to almost all free vj-related projects I know of. If we missed something cool, please tell us.
Gephex examples
posted by georg
This site has a lot of good examples for Gephex, both elementary and advanced, and some nice videos that go with them.
The example graphs demonstrate how to use sound to control various effects, how to play videos at different speeds, how to generate sound with Gephex and much more. The graphs are documented in french and in english. Have fun!
Gephex-0.4 released
posted by georg
We are proud to announce that Gephex-0.4 has been released today. Since the last stable relese (0.0.4), many bugs have been fixed, effect-modules have been enhanced, and the usability has been improved.
You can find it on the download page or get the sources here (ca 1.5 MB) , the debian package (sid, 1.7 MB) here, and the win32 binary (rar, 2.4 MB) here.
Here is a list of the most important changes since 0.0.4:
  • source distribution now contains win32 build files for visual studio 6
  • updated effecTV ports from effecTV-0.3.8 to effecTV-0.3.9
  • updated documentation and converted it from sgml to xml
  • vloopback output support on linux
  • directshow capture support on windows (for webcams, tv cards, ...)
  • directshow video file loader on windows
  • improved v4l support (but no v4l2 support yet)
  • improved usability of the control editor
    (textual description of controls, highlighting of the controlled input)
  • merged v4l code into capturemodule
  • improved configure script (support for different libraries can be turned off now)
  • added gephex binary on unix platforms
  • optimized gradientnormmodule
  • improved pixelizer (block size can now be changed in both dimensions)
  • bug fixes ( #3, #4, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29, #30, #32, #33 #34, #35, #36, #37, #38, #40, #41, #42, #43 )
As always, feedback is very welcome (please use the gephex-devel mailinglist).
posted by georg
It has been some time since this page was updated, so I thought it might be good to send out some signs of life.
Our next release will be 0.4 - that's quite a jump from 0.0.4. It seems that some people have been irritated by our, hm, somewhat conservative versioning practice.
Version 0.4 will contain several small bug fixes, some code cleanup, and an improved v4l module.
After that, we will concentrate on our rewrite, which will start with version 0.5. Highlights of gephex-0.5 will be:
  • a better plugin architecture (allowing to group several effects into one shared library,
    providing complete compiler independence
    and better support for plugins written in C++)
  • a new GUI (redesigned from scratch and focused on live performances)
  • improved stability
  • scripting support
  • freeframe plugin support
You can expect the 0.4 release in the next two months.
The 0.5 release will take a little longer. If you want more information about it, you should check out the mailing-list (also available via gmane).
New mailing lists
posted by mascht
We created public mailinglists for user and developer discussion.

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